IMPORTANT UPDATE: While initial circulating supply was 15m during the launch of the project, we have locked 2.5m tokens more from the Community Rewards Pool, as well as locked all the initial funding pool (6m). So current initial circulating supply decreased by 8.5m, from 15m to 6.5m tokens. Circulating & Total Supply

Token name:$SFUND

‌Initial token type: BEP-20

‌Total supply: 100.000.000 coins

‌Initial circulating supply: 15.000.000 coins (%15)

Community Rewards= 7.000.000 coins (%7) - will be unlocked and released as bounties are performed to decentralize as well as jumpstart community, engagement & marketing awareness programs.

Initial Fund Pool= 6.000.000 coins (%6) - these coins will be staying in the fund pool wallet to transfer funds to community-selected projects through the DAO - this wallet will not be staking nor joining liquidity mining program to not dilute rewards.

Initial Operations Pool= 2.000.000 coins (%2) - these coins will be sold in small proportions to inject resources to operations, bringing in new team members, pay the costs of audits, legal, development & marketing, as well as provide liquidity if there is necessity.

The rest of the total:

%9 Liquidity Mining Programs

‌First 3 months: 1.500.000 tokens each month will be available for liquidity mining rewards

Next 2 months: 1.000.000 tokens each month will be available for liqudity mining rewards

Next 5 months: 500.000 tokens each month will be available for liquidity mining rewards

%10 First Year Marketing & Development Fund

  • First Year Marketing & Development fund tokens will be locked initially.

  • Will start to get released two months after market release, each month at a rate of %1 for 10 months

  • For injecting resources into marketing awareness campaigns, as well as development, operations and growth of brand, products and ecosystem.

%16 Team & Founder Reserve

  • Locked initially, released at %2 every 6 months for 4 years

  • Locked tokens will be non-stakable, only released tokens will be stakable.

%50 Funding Pool Reserve

  • Will be locked initially, released at 5% every 6 months, for 5 years

  • The reserve will not participate in staking, thus not diluting staking rewards while locked.

  • They will be sold in small proportions to inject more resources to the funding pool, to seed fund & incubate more projects, inject more resources for the growth of ecosystem, as well as increasing the financial benefits that come from staking as a side effect of being able to fund more projects.

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