Ecosystem Ecosystem consists of product features and mechanisms that support each other while creating new benefits for all parties involved in the ecosystem.

These main products features and mechanisms are;

  • Funding Pool

  • Incubator

  • Community Involvement Programs

  • Community Involvement Rewards

  • Staking

  • Launchpad

  • Yield Farming

  • DAO

  • Solution Partners Program

  • Dashboard for a simple user experience to interact with these systems.

These sets of elements are chosen so they drive win/win situations between the parties involved in our ecosystem, which are mainly;

  • Entrepreneurs, innovators, and project teams

  • Token holders and stakers

  • Community members

  • Treasury and resources

  • Blockchain ecosystem products & services

In this whitepaper, we will go through all the core product features and mechanisms of the ecosystem, one by one, and within each section we will explore how the parties involved in our ecosystem engage and gain mutual advantages through these particular dynamics.

While the elements mentioned in this whitepaper are the base versions of ecosystem, our DAO will begin from the first days of release, so to go over all the details of user interfaces, workflows and numerical parameters with our community, to release products which are fully tested, and improved by community feedback loops.

Thus, community-driven feedback and DAO votings will not only be the mainframe of our incubator system, but also the way ecosystem also goes through its own product development cycles.

Since adoption metrics of our ecosystem is key to the outcomes it will produce for all parties involved, we aim to develop only through proven feedback cycles which welcome adoption.

Lastly, the yearly roadmaps of, will be decided at Q4 through DAO sessions and votings, so each year we can focus on producing extra added benefits and products according to what our community expects, rather than defining our roadmaps in centralized ways.

Thus, true decentralization, paired with community-driven mechanisms will always be at the core of the ecosystem features and product development cycles.

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