UI/UX Designer
This will be a contract based job.
    Minimum 3 years of experience in User Interface and User Experience design.
    Having a portfolio on behance or dribbble with past work on Dashboards and User Interfaces.
    Since we are a community-based project, we will be getting feedbacks from our community, and passing them onto you as well, so we are looking for a designer who is open to feedback and iterations.
General info on the work scope:
    Dashboard pages - all parts will be shared with descriptions, mockups and workflows for ease
    Onboarding journeys - to have users get accustomed to the user interface
    Charts and visual representations - on certain parts of the dashboard, to show financial info
    Responsive design - for web, tablets and smartphones
Additional info:
    You can apply as a team, or as a single UI/UX designer.
    Part of the payments will be done at start, and the rest at the completion of each milestone.
    The payments will be made in any cryptocurrency of your preference
    There will be bonuses on our own token as well
For applying:
Email us at info at with your behance or dribbble portfolio link, and other info you would like to share. In the email caption please define it as: UI/UX Designer
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