BSC Smart Contract Developer

This will be a contract based job.


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in writing smart contracts

  • Past experience on smart contract development on Binance Smart Chain

  • Developed smart contracts that passed Security Audits, and currently live on Binance Smart Chain mainnet.

General info on the smart contracts needed:

  • Decentralized voting and DAO system - to enable token holders to vote on projects and governance related proposals

    • The proposal framework will need 80% yay threshold and 20% attendance quorum initially

    • There will be set scheduled times for start and end of the voting period

    • The funding pool that distributes funds to projects selected by community voting will be connected to a multisig wallet

    • The voting and DAO mechanism will be an on-chain solution

  • Staking mechanism - to enable token holders to stake our token to earn tokens from other projects we funded

    • The staking mechanism will run on a monthly epoch

    • Users will be able to stake and unstake anytime

    • The staking value will be according to: time in the epoch x tokens that are staked

    • At the end of each epoch, users will be distributed tokens from each project's tokens according to their staking values divided by to the total staking values

  • Automated splitter mechanism - to distribute tokens we get from projects across 4 wallets. These distributions will have different parameters

    • One for staking (25%)

    • One for community rewards (15%)

    • One for funding pool (50)

    • One for operations (10%)

  • Automated reward distribution mechanism - to enable automated distribution of token rewards for those who are staking

    • There will be rewards from multiple projects' tokens

    • Rewards from each project will be distributed in batches, through a multisend rather than 1 by 1

    • Rewards will be distributed according to staking values defined in the staking mechanism

    • Rewards will be distributed at the end of each epoch

Additional info:

  • You can apply as a team, or as a single developer.

  • Part of the payments will be done at start, and the rest at the completion of each milestone.

  • The payments will be made in any cryptocurrency of your preference

  • There will be bonuses on our own token as well

  • We will do Security Audits by external companies, but we expect you to do the changes according to Security Audit results, until there are no risks with the smart contract

  • If you would like to apply only for one of these smart contracts, you can.

For applying:

Email us at info at with your github account, past experience and other info you would like to share. In the email caption please define it as: BSC Smart Contract Developer

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