Mechanics of the Fund Pool’s treasury for seed fundings will be held in the Funding pool transparent to all our community. There will be 2 mechanisms to grow this treasury for growing numbers of seed fundings; token allocation from seed funded projects and reserve tokens available for the fund pool presented in the tokenomics part.

At it's base fund pool will work to fund more projects, and thus provide more rewards from the funded projects for stakers and experts involved in the community involvement programs. As well as having the mechanisms in tact for making sure the fund pool is resourceful, and operations to grow ecosystem is fully supported.

The core system whereby fund pool works is described below;

1.Each project that has been selected for the seed funding & incubation program through the result of the community DAO votings will receive 75.000$.

2.In exchange, will have a contract for 3% of the tokens from the funded projects.

3.The acceptance threshold here will be recommended as 80% yay votes, so to invest only in projects that most of our community loves. (This parameter will be subject to change through DAO governance as pool grows.)

Metrics of Distribution of the 3% tokens generated from project fundings;

In order to keep funding new projects through, 50% of these tokens we generate from fundings, will be allocated to growing the fund pool for more project fundings.

25% of the tokens generated from the incubated projects, will be distributed to our token holders who are staking. This way will have a staking methodology that is not inflationary, while providing our token holders a way to get tokens from all the projects we incubated as long as they are staking.

15% of the tokens will be allocated to community involvement program rewards, so members who are categorized according to their expertise and experience in various areas to aid the success of projects incubated through, can gain rewards for their professional engagement and advisory.

10% of the tokens will be allocated to operations so we can sustain and grow the full-time team, have resources for marketing and future developments, and allocate resources to strategies that will grow the adoption of ecosystem.

In simple terms;

  1. each project that community selects will get a 75.000$ from this pool, in exchange for 3% of the tokens,

  2. 50% -> will be reallocated to funding pool

  3. 25% -> will be distributed among stakers

  4. 15% -> will be allocated to community involvement rewards of incubator

  5. and 10% -> will be allocated to operations.

Through this methodology, the fund pool will have a sustainable & growing model for supporting the increasing benefits of all parties involved (stakers, projects, expert community and growth).

These allocations will be done through an automatic splitter smart contract, on the blockchain, to have this distribution done in a way that is permissionless and fully transparent.

* As’s funding pool resources grow, we will hold DAO votings to increase allocation for stakers further. These DAO votings will be done for incremental changes, rather than very drastic changes, to not create risks of resource depletion.

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