Community Involvement Programs

Feedback loops and decentralized advisory setting is one of the main components of incubation program, through which project teams will gain new perspectives and improve their projects in user-friendly and community-friendly ways.

As mentioned in the previous chapters of the whitepaper, community involvement is the most important aspect through which the traditional incubation system will be decentralized. In order to disrupt the traditional incubation methodology, and bring added benefits to it, we also need to look at this aspect in a structured, systematic way.

For instance, rather than broad and general community involvement teams, has a category based approach taking into account; (1) expertise and (2) past experience of members while selecting creating the community involvement programs.

Through this systematic setup, community involvement program members will be giving useful and professional feedback throughout the incubation journeys of each accepted project, aiding them in many different areas integral to their success.

The feedback channels will create the perfect environment for project teams to share their milestone progressions, documents, links and anything related to their project in the relevant category channels, to gather very specific feedback, for iterations, adjustments and improvements.

These teams will be created in categories such as;

  • User interfaces & User experience

  • Marketing

  • Content & Communication

  • Token utility & Tokenomics

  • Branding & Visuals

  • Development

  • Whitepaper & Technical Paper

  • DAO & Community Engagement

If further subcategorization of some of these categories will be necessary, or new categories become a need depending on trends and needs, further teams will be created.

Throughout each project’s incubation and feedback cycle, community-involvement rewards will be in effect, so community members with expertise will be incentivized to be involved in these systems, earning seed stage tokens from aiding the projects in this process.

As our aim is to foster an environment where like minded people from different areas of expertise, interested in the growth of the blockchain ecosystem can work together, be helpful to projects selected to incubation program, and earn tokens from these community-selected projects.

The methodology and structure of the rewards mechanisms will be decided through the Initial DAO Sessions, and DAO votings, so we decide on these important matters in a decentralized way.

By going through the very systems of rewards with our community, rather than giving out a finished canvas of what these programs will look like, we want to create the most fair and engaging reward systems, where members are happy to be involved and aid to the success of incubated projects. In the next chapter, let's delve into these Initial DAO Sessions further.

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