Solution Partners Program

Since one of the core parts of is helping incubated projects to become stronger organizations, we also want to make sure that they gain beneficial partnerships through our program.

Especially in the blockchain market, partnerships are very important elements for success, since they open new doors for technical opportunities, marketing and awareness benefits, as well as gain new advantages in many different areas regarding to their products, services, and organizations.

Our Solution Partners Program will be about making strong partnerships for incubated projects, in areas such as;

  • VC Support

  • Development

  • Marketing & PR

  • User Interfaces & Design

  • Smart Contract Security

  • Staking

  • Grants

  • DAO Architecture

  • Incorporation & Legal

  • Exchange & Dex Support

  • as well as other areas where partners can add value will build an interface where incubated projects can directly contact verified solution partners for their needs, and our partnership managers will be solely focusing on developing this network, through building relationships with the right partners.

Through this program the process for incubated projects to find the right partners will get easier, also, it will give them a recommendation tool for getting most of their needs met through a simple interface.

In the selection process to our Solution Partners Program, our partnership team will work on a case-by-case base analysis, research each prospect solution partner carefully, before inviting them to our program. Also when we will start to get applications for the Solution Partners Program, the same case-by-case analysis scenario will continue, so the program can be a trusted way for incubated projects to get their support in the areas they see as necessity.

*Also, will not enter into any sort of financial or commission based partnership for this program. The program's sole purpose will be to have an extra layer of professional support environment for the incubated projects at

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