Staking Workflow of $SFUND

In this part we would like to explain the step-by-step approach to staking your $SFUND, get seed stage token distributions from all the projects our community picked through the DAO, and supported through decentralized incubation program.

The staking will work through our dashboard, with a simple user interface, and workflow, so anyone without any technical knowledge can start to stake their coins, start to earn token rewards, and see the financial projections of their reward distributions transparently.

Here is the step by step journey for staking your $SFUND tokens;

  1. Sign up to the dashboard with an email and a password.

  2. Verify your email through the link that got sent to your email.

  3. Login with your email and password.

  4. Create alternative 2FA verification for extra security, if you’d like extra security to your dashboard, through mobile service verification.

  5. Connect your ethereum wallet (Metamask, and other integrations will be included)

  6. See your $FUNDS token amount in the dashboard.

  7. Click start staking button in the staking section.

  8. Type the amount of tokens you want to stake, and press submit button.

  9. Accept the confirmation in your connected wallet.

  10. Once transaction is complete, see a popup in your dashboard displaying your current $FUNDS tokens that are staking.

  11. And automatically start to get token rewards to your wallets(*).

Additionally; If you would like to see the financial projections of your stake, Reward Calculator tab in the dashboard will have more financial information and data such as;

  • Projects that you will get token rewards from

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reward tokens you will get from each project according to your stake value

  • Financial projections of the rewards you are generating, daily, weekly, and monthly according to the current market prices of your stake rewards

While this workflow is the base user experience of staking mechanism, we will continue to add more robust features according to feedbacks that come from our community, and stakers.

(*) If the project is not an ethereum based tokens, you will need to create new wallets through the wallets section of our dashboard, so you can have compatible wallets for other layer 1 infrastructures' token types. We will notify you on these steps further in the dashboard.

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