Initial DAO Sessions

Since, community-driven incubation is at the heart of our approaches, we want to make sure that our reward mechanisms for community involvement programs go through brainstorming sessions, feedbacks, and DAO votings, so we can create the right balances that will foster;

  • ever increasing community involvement,

  • while creating the perfect support environment for projects incubated through thrive in the blockchain market,

  • and as a side effect, providing better financial outcomes for staking and community involvement rewards, since our reward mechanisms revolve around distributing these projects' tokens.

The bullet points mentioned above is all thrivial to the success of, and by right incentivization in community involvement programs, there will be better outcomes for everyone including project teams, community members, and token holders & stakers. Also this system will increase the sustainability and growth of fund pool & operations, in order to continue to deliver ever-increasing blockchain market-ready projects into the market.

We believe that reward systems regarding community involvement programs is such an integral part that it shouldn't be developed through a top down approach, without getting feedback from our community.

Thus, our first governance sessions and DAO votings will be specific to the incubator reward mechanisms and community involvement programs.

Through these sessions we are aiming to:

  • Brainstorm with our community and see which kind of features will increase the interest, and involvement of our community in the incubation program,

  • Create different versions of feature set documents that came out of these brainstorming sessions, and have DAO votings on the final versions, so our community can select which sets of features should be implemented,

  • And then go through another brainstorming/feedback session, to set a variety of different numerical parameters, and token reward parameters for the winning feature set document,

  • And finally, have another DAO voting to decide together which numerical parameters will be implemented in the release of these feature sets, initially.

By having this brainstorm -> feedback -> documentation -> DAO voting cycle both for the feature sets, and for numerical values of these feature sets, developing the most balanced and satisfactory results from the reward mechanisms will be the likely outcome.

Our event schedule for these first DAO sessions will be during the first month of our release to the market, so we can start to develop them quickly. These sessions will be done through the DAO dashboard of

Further announcements, as well as guides to join these DAO events will be made public, and the process will be held in a way that will be easy for all of our community members/token holders to attend.

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