Incubator Basics’s disruption to the incubation model comes from community-oriented selection processes paired with DAO voting mechanisms, and category-based feedback loops connected to systems of expertise based involvement programs.

While decentralization is at the core of our incubator, methodological approaches need to be profound to create an environment where projects are fully aided in all levels.

So the selection to the incubator through on-chain community voting is only the first step of the journey.

The most profound benefits will provide for innovators is to help them release products and services through feedback loops that give way to reaching lovemark statuses; projects that their future communities will love to get involved in and support.

In order to unlock the full potential of projects that get selected to incubator, expertise based community involvement programs, divided into subcategories will be at the core of our program. Rather than general feedback, our mechanisms are meant to support very detailed and professional advisory, from experts in their own fields, so projects can get the right feedback from the right people.

In order to make this joint coalition possible between project teams and experts in our community, will have reward mechanisms in tact. So experts in areas such as marketing, UX, smart contract development, tokenomics, DAO architecture, community building, and other areas that are important for blockchain innovations will be able to join our community programs, in order to help other projects in their free time, and earn reward tokens in the meantime.

From this mutual coalition, entrepreneurs & innovators will get the support they need to develop “blockchain market-ready” products and services, through getting feedbacks in many areas of importance, and improve their projects to be much better suited for the larger blockchain community, and the future end users who will use their products and services.

We will dive deeper into how our community involvement programs work, and how the reward mechanisms will operate to incentivize category based expert feedback loops in the chapters 5 and 6 of this whitepaper further.

Let’s now continue on with the next chapter, “A New Take On Staking Rewards”; so we can give a full picture of’s staking model, which distributes tokens from all projects that get incubated through our program.

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